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Drop Your Bike – Service And Repair

The man behind it all, mechanic extraordinaire, Thozamile Sylvis Mgolombana!

Sylvis grew up in Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape, where he matriculated from Gcinubuzwe High School in 1996. As a youngster he did bricklaying work and later drove a taxi during school holidays to support himself and his sister, as his mother had moved to Cape Town in 1992 to be with her sister. Sylvis had to learn quickly to look after himself and family after his father passed away in 1989. He eventually moved to Cape Town himself in 1997 where he initially continued working as a bricklayer until a good friend of his, then working at Bowman’s Cycles, intervened, and introduced Sylvis to management.

“At Bowman’s Cycle in Cape Town – Shane Jansen van Vuuren taught me everything I know”

Initially he was employed washing and cleaning bicycles, but this did not last long. Once he was shown how to service and build bikes everyone at Bowman’s could see that that is where his passion lied and he quickly became ‘the go-to’ Bike Mechanic at Bowman’s Cycles – one of Cape Towns oldest and best known bicycle shops.

Sylvis stayed with Bowman’s right to the end, and after it closed down at the end of 2015, Sylvis decided it was time to launch his own business. First though he had to earn a little bit more cash to finance his new business and the perfect opportunity presented itself, a short work stint with a development team in Dubai. On his return in July of 2015, Sylvis jumped in and inaugurated his new Bike Repair & Service business, Drop-And-Go on the 1st of September.