CapeNature is a public institution with the statutory responsibility for biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape.

They are driven by the vision of ‘conserving nature for a sustainable future’ and the mission is ‘to manage, conserve and promote our human, natural and heritage assets through best practice, access, benefit sharing and sustainable use. Themes:

  • Community-based Natural Resource Management and Local Economic Development: Unlocking opportunities to ensure that the benefits of natural resources and their sustainable utilization and conservation are realized by local communities.
  • Youth Development: Using activities as a tool for the development of youth and developing in young people the knowledge and insight necessary for them to appreciate the heritage that will be passed on to them. Also providing them with the opportunity for developing the skills needed to make a success of that heritage.
  • Environmental Crime Investigation: Preventing, investigating and monitoring environmental crime
  • Fire Management: Developing effective partnerships to extend fire management throughout the province
  • Wildlife Management: Proactively manage conflict between humans and wildlife
  • Stewardship: Including private and communal land in the establishment of biodiversity corridors and the conservation of vital lowlands habitat remnants, through various incentives
  • Eco-tourism development: Developing nature-based recreational and tourism products and leveraging the Western Cape’s natural assets in such a way that protected areas become sought after tourist destinations, and more accessible and attractive to a greater proportion of our population

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