!Khwa ttu San Cultural Center

!Khwa ttu is a project dedicated to San culture.

It is run by a Non-Profit Company, jointly directed by the Swiss Ubuntu Foundation and San community, represented by WIMSA (Working Group for Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa)

Past, present and future

!Khwa ttu celebrates San culture, present and past, for a better future, by:

  • providing training to the San in life skills, entrepreneurship, tourism, health, community development and gender issues
  • restoring and protecting the cultural heritage of the San as contained in their history, folklore, visual arts, cosmology and language
  • educating the general public about the world of the San
  • promoting the long-term financial sustainability of San development in southern Africa
  • A vision for a San Culture and Education Centre
  • Restored buildings and natural wildlife at !Khwa ttu

Join us for an incomparable day with the San community just outside of Cape Town. In addition to game-viewing on a bicycle, we join the San elders and younger members for a fascinating walk & nature talk about San culture, medicinal herbs and traditional healing and an intimate look at the San community today.

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