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Dear Colleagues, Friends and Guests,

Since we launched Bike & Saddle in 2008, we had almost too many “highs” to count and just a few “lows” to keep us grounded. We’re extremely grateful to our staff, trade partners and guests for supporting us during a very successful 10-year run with Bike & Saddle. It was a real privilege to create so many wonderful experiences and happy memories for our guests.

In late 2017, my wife and I decided it was time to embark on our own personal journey of growth and exploration. We earmarked 2019 for a 12-month sabbatical from business and beautiful Cape Town to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

Our plan is to through-hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a magnificent 4,300 km wilderness hike on the West Coast of the US, starting on the Mexican border and ending a few miles north of the Canadian border. We hope to  return home with a basket of creative ideas and solutions that will further the cause of EcoMiles, our charitable initiative. In the future we wish to devote our time to foster the growth of EcoMiles.

At first we weren’t sure how we’d manage this or in what format. Fortunately, as is often the case, the solution was staring us in the face, we only had to see it. Good friends of ours within the cycling world came forward and we agreed to sell them the business in early 2018 while staying on during the year and into 2019 to ensure a smooth transition.

BNS Journeys (Pty) Ltd, the new owners, have been doing a tremendous job since then, and we’re proud to announce, that as a result, Bike & Saddle is now on a solid, long-term track of growth and development. The hand-over and transition went smoothly and exceeded all our expectations.

Time sped by and we’re ready to embark on our hike from the 22nd of March 2019. If you are interested in our journey and EcoMiles, you can follow us on our Facebook page: Ecomiles For A Cause (

On a practical note, for further information or support with Bike & Saddle, please direct queries to Our original staff and team, as well as new management are ready to assist. Some changes around new bank account details will be communicated shortly.

Once again, we thank you for your wonderful support these last 10+ years! And hope you will not only follow our personal journey, but continue your support for Africa’s leading active travel company.

THE FUTURE IS EXCITING: our parent company has acquired distribution rights for DARRVIN ELECTRIC – an innovative e-bike design/build company, supplying quality, affordable electric bicycles. For more information or if you’re thinking of acquiring e-bikes for your business, please contact

Best regards,

Gustav & The Team @ Bike & Saddle

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