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Bike & Saddle Partner, Mantis Reserves, Receives Environmental Award


The Mantis Group's leading reserves in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape regions of South Africa, Shamwari Game Reserve and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, were recipients of the ‘Accommodation Green Leaf Environmental Standard Winners' at the Wilderness Foundation Awards Dinner on 10 May 2009.

Green Leaf

Eagles Crag, a newly designed luxurious lodge at Shamwari, a 25,000 hectare Reserve in the Eastern Cape, and recently launched lodges Dwyka Tented Lodge and Gondwana Family Lodge at Sanbona, a 54,000 hectare Reserve in the Klein Karoo region of the Western Cape all received the Green Leaf Environmental Standard Awards for 2009. Furthermore, Rippons Safari Lodge, an eco-lodge based at Shamwari Game Reserve achieved the Gold Leaf Environmental Standard Award for 2009.

The Green Leaf Environmental Standard is categorized into five elements that reflect environmental concerns; water, energy, waste, green procurement and innovation. Each of these five elements are defined by categories with sub-indicators, and is measured out of 20 points with a collective scoring out of 100. Scores above 75% are recognized with a Green Leaf, while those above 95% are distinguished with a Gold Leaf.

The Wilderness Foundation, founded by Dr Ian Player in the late 1960s launched the International Green Leaf Environmental Standard Awards in 2008, in response to the ever growing pressures placed on the environment.

The Green Leaf Environmental Standard independently and impartially assesses all accommodation types from urban hotels, country estates, and guesthouses to game reserves in the tourism sector, a sector that interfaces intrinsically with the environment.

Since its launch in 2008, national and international accommodation owners have embraced the Green Leaf Environmental Standard and are undergoing assessments in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Tour operators have also endorsed the Green Leaf Environmental Standard in response to the growing environmental pressures, traveler awareness and consumerism.