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Books on Bikes Off to a Flyer


Bike & Saddle launched its first Books on Bikes event to great acclaim this past weekend, collecting books from socially aware Capetonians and contributing to a reading culture among South Africans from all walks of life. Receive our events notification, sign-up here


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Locals flocked to the Book Lounge in central Cape Town to donate their books, which will be distributed to community libraries around the peninsula. Bike & Saddle mascots cycled up and down Roeland Street, giving free lifts to anyone who championed their cause and dropped off unwanted books. A festival atmosphere pervaded the air as people with a joint love of books and bikes came together for a worthy cause.

With poor literacy rates and a struggling education system, many South Africans do not have the opportunity to reap the benefits of reading. Passionate about this country and passionate about the importance of reading, Bike & Saddle have stepped into the breach to ensure that disadvantaged South Africans have access to books.

In partnership with the Book Lounge and the South African Book Development Council (SABDC), we will distribute the books to community libraries in the Cape's most disadvantaged areas. From next year, we will run similar events across the country, leading up to the national book week in September 2010. We will then distribute these books to libraries across the country as part of a Cycle Relay from Cape Town to Johannesburg. This will involve children from the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) of which Bike & Saddle is a proud partner!

In addition to promoting education and literacy, Books on Bikes is designed to transform our cities and communities into bike-friendly spaces. Cycling is healthy and eco-friendly and has been proven to assist greatly in the development of poor communities as it affords people more time to be productive. We are working with various municipalities and civil groups to advocate for bike lanes and foster a culture of cycling.

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And when it comes to the environment, we mean business! Bike & Saddle is a carbon neutral company, committed to the Tanzania Reforestation Project, so by travelling with us guests will not only be improving their health and well-being but will be doing their bit for the environment, hence our philosophy of “burning carbs not carbon”.

Not many travel companies go to such lengths to contribute to the sustainable development of communities and ecosystems. But then again, Bike & Saddle is not your typical business. A unique active travel company in Cape Town, we provide Exclusive Journeys into Africa that take you off the beaten track and allow you to savour the sights and sounds of South Africa from the back of a bike, not a stuffy tour bus.

With us, you can cycle beside deep blue sea and through wildlife reserves, smell the ocean breeze and pristine bush - and finish off with sundowners! From a 2-hour Cape Town cycle to an 11-day Cycle Safari, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience with Bike and Saddle!

A big thank you to the Book Lounge, the Book Development Council and to all the Capetonians who took time out of their Sunday and contributed to a worthy cause - your books will bring a smile to many South African kids!

For further information, to book a trip or to get involved with Books on Bikes mail us here!