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Bike & Saddle and Mantis scout route on Sanbona Wildlife Reserve


Bike & Saddle have scouted an exciting cycle route on the magical Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, about 2 hours outside Cape Town. As part of our exclusive agreement with the Mantis Collection, we can now offer Cycle Excursions on their game reserves and boutique hotels, allowing guests to savour the sights and sounds of the bush from the back of a bike!

Click here for a full description of the route and the trip itself!

This cycle takes place mainly in the southern section of the reserve, where there are no predators and big game, so your safety is assured. A ranger is with you every step of the way and there is a back-up vehicle on standby. It is a unique wildlife experience, exclusive to Bike & Saddle and Mantis.

We are now operating this route, so if you would like to experience the wilderness like never before, on an eco-active cycle through a unique wildlife reserve, home to Bushmen rock art, abundant game and breathtaking vistas, then join us now!

For more information, see what Sanbona have to say from their side!