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Bike & Saddle launches Club Tail-End Charlie


Join any of our day-trips at no charge as a club-member! If you're a resident of Cape Town (and surroundings), Knysna (or nearby on the Garden Route), Durban, Johannesburg or Victoria Falls and don't mind cycling tail-end-charlie for us, then you qualify for membership! Cycling tail-end charlie requires you to be the 'last aircraft in our formation' or 'the rear gunner in our bomber' - okay I know you're rolling your eyes by now! Just bring-up the rear, herd in the stray cyclist and if need be, please fix the flat wheel.

But other than that - everything is on the house! Including a gourmet meal on our half and full-day trips, all equipment (if you prefer to cycle with one of our comfy bikes), beverages, alcoholic and non, and of course, the delight of being out in some of our country's most beautiful spots on your bike with not a care in the world!

Don't wait, join us now...send an email to: and we'll plug you in to our events-calendar.