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The Commuter Clubhouse

Bike & Saddle is launching it's Commuter Clubhouse in Cape Town - first as a get together on Friday's after work (6pm to 8pm) at our new offices on Jamieson Street (32), part of the Planet Art Building (2) - and we hope as a permanent installation shortly hereafter.

The clubhouse is intended as an informal venue for the aficionado of quality apparel and biking accessories - serving creamy coffees (or bring a bottle of wine and we'll pop it for you) where you can admire our Brooks England range of quality saddles and accoutrements (from French, from accoutrer ‘clothe, equip’ also see accoutre).

Purchase outright the Brooks England handcrafted leather saddles and quality apparel and have a page through Brooks' Bugle Newsletter.

It’s a great place for cyclists & non-cyclists to stop by and enjoy the company of your fellow urban commuter.

SOON TO COME: Cape Town's Bike Share Scheme - READ MORE HERE


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