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!Khwa ttu San Cultural Center

!Khwa ttu is based on the theme “A celebration of the San culture, present and past, for a better future”. Its mission statement includes as primary objectives to restore the heritage of the San, to educate the general public about the world of the San and to provide training to the San in various areas.

Bike & Saddle has partnered with !Khwa ttu and together we now offer an extraordinary cultural experience - combined with some of the best cycling the Cape's West Coast has to offer. Join us for a day in the company of one of Southern Africa's most interesting and oldest cultures. We tell a fascinating tale of perseverance and survival from ancient times to the present.

Don't miss this special day of exploration, going back in time, but also a natural journey of discovery.

Set in one of the world's most biodiverse kingdoms, the Cape Floral Kingdom, !Khwa ttu is your preeminent guide to an ancient understanding - perhaps now more relevant than ever - on the special relationships and harmony available to man and nature.

This fun, educational and highly unique trip is suitable for the whole family, friends and groups of all ages.



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