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Thula Lula Electric Bicycles

Bike & Saddle is proud to be associated with Thula Lula, an innovative South African outfit dedictaed to provide excellent and affordable electric bike conversions.

As you may or may not know, Bike & Saddle offers our guests the option of doing any of our multiday trips on an electric bike - powered by Thula Lula technology - for a small additional fee. Should you wish to find out more prior to your trip, contact any of our Trip Sales team for more information.

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Electric bicycles mean easy, fun cycling - commuting or just sight seeing!
It's not about exercise, it's about getting around with minimum effort and maximum convenience and economy!

The ebike: No license, cheap (3c per km), and safer than a motorbike.
Travels 25 kms ph, no hills, no wind and travels up to 45 kms without needing a recharge. Save money, save the environment, save time!

Now, Anyone Can Cycle!
Conversion kits (with instruction DVD) enable you to make any bike electric. So, either convert your bike, or get one of the high quality bikes on offer. These kits are sent almost anywhere or can be installed for a small fee, if you like. Telephonic support is always available. The price is right, plus we offer a 6 month guarantee.


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