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Cape Town by Bike

Dear Bike and Saddle,

Thanks for a wonderful Cape Town by evening cycle! Here is my feedback below.
Upon arrival, we were introduced to the Bike & Saddle guides & Gustav and paired with our bikes. The safety and road precautions were very clear and understandable and everyone was excited to get started and I must say a little nervous! Having not been on a bicycle for a while (except maybe a 30 minute practice run the previous night), I was a little scared of what to expect. Especially since I am not the fittest person and driving in Cape Town traffic is already an “interesting” experience!
I was quickly made to feel at ease and the most difficult part of the ride was getting to know the gears on the bike. The group went at a very nice pace so even I could keep up! The bicycle was easy to handle and very light weight and the pouch provided to keep your belongings in is a very good idea, as a cell phone and jumper could be kept in it.
I must admit, I was a little shaky in the beginning and therefore I think they should have rode a little slower when we started, for riders like me to get used to the bike and the environment. An experienced rider might not have found it difficult at all and once I knew how to use all the “gadgets” I was happy to let go and enjoy!
Traveling through the city on a bicycle was something quite interesting. The sounds of the city, the wind in your face, the sites all around, the smells, made it easy to stop, look around and take in the beauty in a way I have not yet experienced. Traveling by car makes it so impersonal and you need to focus on the road, thereby missing the historical and present elegance of the town.
The two steep(ish) hills were not bad at all once I knew how to work the gears – thanks to Gustav who helped me at the back – and I could still relax and talk while I was riding! This makes it easy for guests who have questions or comments about the area and it shows that it is suited for the young and old!
It was extremely interesting to see the historical sites and hear about their stories. Some of these places I have seen 15 years ago and others I have never even been to. I must admit that I have indeed learned something new & burned a few calories on top of it!
I do think that we should have stopped more, as there were many photo opportunity places and I would have liked to hear more about the history of Cape Town.
The 13km went by too fast and before I knew it, we were back at the Waterfront enjoying a glass of sparkling wine (to toast that I survived) and some very delicious snacks.
Thank you Gustav, Alan and Ben for a great and new experience! I cannot wait to start telling the clients about the “Cape Town Evening by Bike”!
Warmest Regards,

Mari-Lou Boetzkes