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Fairest Cape & Township Cycle - Full Day

Thanks to you for a superb day out.
I feel privileged to have been invited along albeit as a guest. I know that it came as a surprise when you learned that I would actually be riding the route rather than hopping into the bus and I hope that this particular old age pensioner didn’t hold the group up!!
From start to finish the tour was executed to perfection. I enjoyed every moment from the breakfast to the briefing and on to the ride itself. To finish with a relaxing massage and dinner was just great. I will remember fondly the picnic on Chapman’s Peak and the ride through Masiphumalele – that was a first for me. Dinner was the cherry on top and I really enjoyed getting to know both you and Steve Bolnick. Whilst my sphere of influence is limited nowadays I will endeavor to promote Bike and Saddle at every opportunity.

The picture here is from our Pakistan cycle. The colour is a bit washed out because they were transferred from negatives but you can see that it was almost as tough as Chapman's Peak!

Ian Lints - Cape Town