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Bike and Saddle really made my day yesterday

Dear Bike & Saddle
I left the house early this morning but my first waking moment was one of the fantastic ride that we had yesterday. I was so excited when I got home that I needed to still feast off the memories before responding.
So thanks so very much for the wonderful opportunity to ride in your absolutely wonderful Electric Bike City Tour. I just loved it and could have done the same thing again today. Wouldn't have been as good as we had just perfect weather yesterday.  I honestly feel that you're onto a winner on this one. I felt Andrea and Dale gave us the confidence to take the plunge and enjoy it and have so much fun. The pics really are a true reflection of the fun we had! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

I have got some great snaps and will get them to you and the others (who were fantastic to be with).
Bike and Saddle really made my day yesterday. Thanks so much.
Kind regard