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Life is a Journey

I have always enjoyed cycling to school and in recent years, long weekend cycles through the Mourne mountains (N.Ireland) where I live. It was probably listening to members of my family talk of the famous Brooks Saddles of times gone by that gave me the curosity to research the well known brand. I went with my instincts and ordered a black Champion Flyer for my Claud Butler Classic and I am glad I did.


Apart from the great comfort these saddles provide, it has made me realise that often the modern products of the disposable world we now live in, are often not the best choice. With my Brooks saddle I began to enjoy the journeys more and saw the bicycle less as a mode of transport to get from A to B. In December past ('07) my Brooks saddle inspired me to go the whole way and, with money I had saved up I bought a Pashley Roadster Classic with a nice big B66 saddle which complements the bike really well. Out for a cycle the the other day, I passed through Tollymore Park (an old estate where the big house has been knocked down but many of the traditional eighteenth century gothic follies still remain) where I took the photo above.

For me, Brooks saddles are summed up in that well known saying, 'Life is a Journey, Not just a destination,' taking the time to enjoy cycling and admiring the landscape as you pass it by is a great thing to do, and I thank You that the high quality saddles you make allow so many people to do just that.