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Guest Reviews

Tales from happy cyclists on explorations and journeys through various locations and explorations with us. Take a moment and enjoy a collection of encounters and experiences of people on their bikes, joined with their most favorite and faithful companion, the Brooks Saddle, or on tour with Africa's premier active travel brand.

Exclusive Cycle Safari

"Wow! What can I say? Definitely one of the best holidays I have ever had, I returned home feeling fit, fresh and inspired. And I knew I had reduced my carbon footprint too! The cycle around Cape T...

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Cape Town Evening Bike Ride

"What a fantastic way to see the city! We did all the tourist sites and went up the mountain, but the Cape Town By Bike trip was our favourite. From the back of a bike, we saw everything from a dif...

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Cape Town Sunrise/Sunset

"What a great way to start our day! The sunrise cycle in Cape Town was amazing. We started off bright and early, and the light was beautiful, not to mention the wonderful snacks. The route was brea...

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Adjusting Your Brooks Saddle (tension)

When I bought my Brooks Champion Flyer saddle, I read everything I could about how to break it in properly. Some cyclists swear by leather Brooks saddles, others say that nothing they could do woul...

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Fantastic cycle safari

Dear Bike and Saddle, just a short note to thank you for a wonderful experience! We particularly enjoyed your professionalism, the quality of the rides and the unique experience of cycling among th...

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A wonderful chain of events surrounded my trip through Provence, France this year. At a campsite in Avignon, my panniers were stolen, but luckily they were empty at the time. I packed al...

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Giuseppe Martino

  Very many bicycles existing in trade consist of carbon or aluminium and are - in my opinion - fruit of the current fashion which want them light, hard and very expensive. ...

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In the dead of winter, Jason and I headed out on our first bike tour across the southern United States. Things were going surprisingly well for such touring novices... until about day th...

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Life is a Journey

I have always enjoyed cycling to school and in recent years, long weekend cycles through the Mourne mountains (N.Ireland) where I live. It was probably listening to members of my family ...

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Starting With a Brooks

I originally purchased my very first Brooks as a replacement saddle for one of my road bikes. Like many others, I had heard many good things about their legendary workmanship, comfort an...

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