Cape Town, Full-Day, Bushman-San & Wildlife Safari

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We have dedicated the whole day to the !Khwa ttu San Centre which is one hour’s drive from Cape Town on the stunning West Coast. The San and the Khoekhoe peoples are aboriginal to southern Africa. This means the San and Khoekhoe are descendants of the first peoples who ever lived here, before black or white people came to the region. The Khoekhoe migrated into the country about 2,500 – 2,000 years ago, occupying coastal areas, the southern Cape, and the major rivers, such as the Orange River (called !Garib). They may have made friends with the San hunters in some cases, but the San also appear to have withdrawn to the mountains and deserts of South Africa. The !Khwa ttu San Centre gives us the possibility to learn about the fascinating and complex history of the San.


2018 / 19 Season: Full-day Excursion $ 210.00 USD per person

Special ‘out-of-season’ rates available upon request.


• Bikes and all equipment
• Transport from and to Cape Town | Or your hotel in the region
• Excellent and varied terrain, San Bushman interaction, game viewing
• Personal service from the best guides in the industry
• Gourmet lunch, beverages and snacks

Note: Prices are quoted in United States Dollars (USD) per person and are subject to change without notice. Even so we are based in South Africa, the recent swings in the local currency necessitated the conversion to a USD based rate system. This means we don’t change our rates with the swings and can absorb a 2 to 3 point swing up or down, without having to update rates constantly. It ensures a stable rate and consistent quality and product availability throughout our product portfolio.

Minimum group size is 2 guests (we’ll still run the tour for a single guest, subject to a private tour supplement of $40 USD). Enquire about discounts for larger groups (typically 6 guests and over).

Every day: Advance booking essential.

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